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The Kingdom of Silence

There is a kingdom of silence right here, in the being now.

It is reachable when you stop inner dialogue, stop describing, stop looking outwards, and relax your attention to your body that is here right now.

When the attention rests here where the body is, the body can relax, and there is space for listening. Continuing to relax and listen, continuing to let go of all attachments, ideas, and judgements that arise from the depths of your being – and from the bodily senses and perceptions becoming clearer and clearer – peace will appear; and when you let that peace envelop your body and being completely – You are here and there is peace.

When things arise to your attention that you are unable to let go of, unable to make peace with, that send you to become even more disturbed than before, and you can not untangle yourself – do your Self a favour and contact a more experienced guide to hold safe space for the more disturbing parts of experience so that you can free yourself of unnecessary attachments and enjoy the life you have left.

Peace is here, so am I, and there is no reason to give up.
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Vaikuntha symbolizes a synergetic existance in the harmony of One’s inner worlds (planes of subconsciousness becoming planes of consciousness)
That reveals Its Self through the expanding and deepening of One’s inner silence.

VAIKUS – Estonian word meaning “Silence”
VAIKKU – root word in Finnish dialects for – power, effectiveness
VAIKUTTAA – Finnish word for – influence, having an effect, to affect
VALTAKUNTA – Finnish for “Kingdom”
VAIKUNTHA – Saṃskṛtam ie. in Sanskrit:      Vai – without + Kuntha – anxiety/hindrance

ie. Being without hindrance, without anxiety
ie. The Kingdom and world of all-encompassing peace with experience

Au (Estonian)  – Kunnia (Finnish) – Heiðr (Old-Norse)– Honour (English)